Survival Gear and Survival Essentials

Taking a trip or going for an adventure with family and friends is one among the many ways that we do so as to have a break on our daily activities. This is health since it enables you to break the boredom of the daily activities, refresh you mind and body and even have time to bond with friends, family and relatives. Due to that, there are many eventualities that might happen along the day and in your activities. By that, you need to be prepared for them and to make sure that you survive till rescue arrives.

Some of the survival essentials and bare necessities might include food, water, shelter and fire. By this, you are able to survive in the harshest weather environment and condition until your rescue arrives. In that case, shelter will protect you from wild animals, winds and rain and even give you a break from the scotching sun. Insulating layers will protect you by maintain your body temperature at the optimum level required. Having a vessel to trap rain water will come in handy. Remember that drinking sea water or salty water is out of the equation and should not be allowed. Water purification system will also come in handy in the absence of rain water and can be used to make the collected water safe for drinking. Click for more details.

Having at least three or more fire starting tools will also help. This includes lighter, waterproof matches and a magnesium flint and steel, in a sealable plastic bag with dry tinder material among others. A source of food should also be in mind. This includes a snack bars or dehydrated food. Quality knife will also play a major role and should be carried. Then there is the first aid kit that needs to be present at all times, discover more. The first aid kit should have a variety of supplies such as sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tapes and bandages of various size among others.

Survival knowledge and survival skills also need to be known and implemented. The survival knowledge comes in two major forms. The first one is the ability to apply and use the survival gears and tool. But since emergencies usually has no warning whatsoever, there is the ability to improvise and apply the survival gear. The main aim is to survive and protect life at all cost. In that case, you have to stay alive for as long as possible by doing everything you can in you power using the available resources. Lastly, never loose hope.

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